Integration, Test and Verification

W5 Technologies applies engineering, scientific, and analytical disciplines necessary to ensure that system and interoperability requirements are tested and fulfilled. W5 Technologies is highly effective in:

  • Integrating complex networks and technologies into working systems
  • Defining and developing test environments
  • Developing cutting edge integration and verification processes, such as the use of multi-dimensional coverage matrices to ensure requirements and operational coverage while reducing overall testing overhead
  • Ensuring requirements are met and ensuring the intended function is provided



  • Integrating components into one working whole
  • Definition and development of test environments
    • Focus on speed and efficiency, minimizing human error
    • Reproducibility – Automated lab configuration management ensures test repeatability
    • Define cost-effective test environment, providing thorough test coverage
  • Define minimal set of test cases to ensure requirements and operational coverage (test like you fly)
    • Data mining of requirements and design documentation for testable functionality
    • Adept at working with minimal requirements narrative
  • Verification – Ensuring requirements are met
  • Validation– Ensuring the intended function is provided