Mighty MUOOS

Worlds FIRST and ONLY MUOS Simulator!


Hands-On Mission Training. Off-Satellite Operation.

The Mobile User Objective Orientation System or Mighty MUOOS™ is a MUOS system emulator that trains users and planners. This local and portable solution offers realistic and configurable training without using satellite channels.

Mighty MUOOS™ is perfectly suited for simulating MUOS in the classroom.  Your organization can use it to perform training, pre-mission rehersals, system checks and more.

Product Highlights:

  • MUOS Satellite and Ground Network Simulation
  • Portable, durable design
  • Emulates MUOS without live satellite channels
  • Ready to use when connected to AC power and MUOS radios
  • Base unit emulates a single MUOS satellite beam-carrier
  • Expandable to two satellite beam-carriers

    Suported Call Types:

  • Point-to-Point (PtP)
  • Point-to-Net (PtN)
  • Netted Comms (Group)
  • Data Rates:

  • 2.4 kbps
  • 9.6 kbps
  • 32 kbps
  • 64 kbps
  • Operating Frequencies:

  • 300-320 MHz (UHF) in the U2B direction (configurable)
  • 360-380 MHz (UHF) in the B2U direction (configurable)
  • Control and Interface:

  • Graphical User Interface running on included ruggedized laptop
  • Power:

  • 120 VAC
  • Dimensions:

  • 26″W x 34″H x 36″
  • Inputs:

  • Up to 4 direct connected TX/RX terminals
  • Up to 4 direct connected TX-RX terminals
  • Up to 20 watts RF per input
  • Internal and external frequency references
  • Case:

  • Rugged shipping container
  • Shock mounted electronic chassis
  • Removable, stowaway front and rear covers
  • Removable, lockable swivel casters
  • Water resistant
  • Grip handles
  • Setup and Training:

  • On-Site setup available
  • User training available
  • Warranty:

  • 3 months
  • Options:

  • Expansion module for added beam, capacity and terminals
  • Alternate frequency bands
  • Simulated channel impairments
  • Antenna
  • Extended support