W5 Technologies, with over 200 staff years experience as a small business subcontractor on military programs, is proud to be a prime contractor under the Seaport Enhanced (Seaport-e) Multiple Award Contract number N00178-12-D-7116. This contract enables us to provide superior system engineering, software development, integration/test, and program management directly to the US Navy and Marine Corps.


Task Orders Received

TO Number        Description
0001                       Initial Delivery Order


Team Members

None at this time.



No experience as prime at this time.


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Customer Satisfaction:

Robert (Bob) White
1505 N. Hayden Road, Suite 110
Scottsdale, AZ 85257
Office: (480) 422-6009 x801
Cell:     (256) 527-8047



Jason Ferguson
Director, Business Development
1505 N. Hayden Road, Suite 110
Scottsdale, AZ 85257
Office: (480) 422-6009 x827


Quality Assurance

Our Quality Assurance System Plan and Procedure (QASP, 80-000015) describes our company commitment to quality and to process improvement. It defines Quality Assurance as a key functional area of our entire organization and calls for QA processes to follow our W5 QA Plan (QAP, 80-000008) and in accordance with the Project Management Execution Plan (PMEP.)

The W5 Program Management Plan (80-000007) and its subsidiary documents establish the project’s QA Lead as a member of the board for each major project review. For example, the Preliminary Design Review (PDR) Board consisst of the PM, SE (chair), QA,W5 Management representative, and customer representative. Review success requires unanimous concurrence of this board that specific review tasks have been completed. Hence, both the QA Lead and the customer representative have significant authority throughout the project.

Project Management Plan

Our W5 Program Management Plan (PMP – 80-000007) requires that the program manager of every new project or task order author a Project Management Execution Plan. The PMP provides the template for the PMEP so the task is not overly burdensome, but it ensures that the PM has at least thought early on about every aspect of the task. It also provides a mechanism for all team members to understand the overall plan, allowing them to make better decisions and to be more productive toward the correct goals. It addresses schedule, deliverables, WBS, stakeholders, documents, computers, lab space, required tools, test equipment, staffing, and document storage. The PMEP is generated and released to Configuration Management no later than 3 weeks after contract award and updated at least every 6 weeks throughout the effort.

The PMEP specifies whether the various standard W5 policies and procedures will be used, whether they will be tailored in some specific way for the project, or whether they will be superseded by customer’s or custom plans. Such policies and procedures include the W5 System Engineering Plan and Procedures (SEP – 80-000009), the W5 Software Development Plan and Procedures (SDP – 80-000006), the W5 Quality Assurance Plan and Procedures (QAP – 80-000008), and others. Defining the plans and procedures early and ensuring adherence to them throughout the project promotes repeatable desired results.

Identified QA

The PMEP identifies the task’s QA Lead. One duty of this person is to ensure that the team is following the policies and procedures identified in the PMEP. Another duty is to collect metrics and then to identify process improvements. We strive for continuous improvement in our processes to maximize efficiency and repeatedly achieve desired results.

Educate on Policies and Procedures

We educate our engineers on the purpose of our written policies and procedures. Most engineers, upon understanding the “why”, will willingly cooperate with procedures. They only rebel when arcane policies and procedures are forced upon them with no rationale. If we cannot provide an adequate rationale, the policy probably needs to be changed. Costs are minimized, efficiency is maximized, and desired results are repeated.


W5 offers the flexibility and agility of a small business, but within a framework where accurate and complete documentation and thorough product testing are recognized necessities. Most of our staff came from large Level 5 organizations. Our policies and procedures are currently consistent with Level 3.